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Industrial and commercial agent is to point to be engaged in a company to register an agent, the company changes agent, company to transfer agent, company note to eliminate agent and the business affairs that is associated with industry and commerce bureau handles business affairs seeks advice and agency service. More broadly, the business agent also includes accounting on behalf of wealth, legal ...

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A full range of industrial and commercial agents, the real service "rest assured"
Professional service personnel, strict selection, training system, affordable price, affordable home
100%, the real name authentication security service, assured because of love, pay attention to every detail of the green service
  • Lawyers case analysis conferenceLawyers case analysis conference
  • Elite of thingsElite of things
  • Legal advisory activitiesLegal advisory activities
  • Social security conferenceSocial security conference
  • Insurance business hallInsurance business hall
  • Unemployment insuranceUnemployment insurance
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Beijing Moumou Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, is the unit of account is also the formal approval of the Finance Bureau of Chaoyang District Bureau of finance director unit, mainly to provide registered companies, accounting agents, agents of social security, trademark registration, bank POS machines and other industrial and commercial registration one-stop service, currently has 70 professional team work effectively, including the original Industr...

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